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Client Reviews in 2012

I highly recommend Computer Resolve for any of your computer needs. My computer totally crashed and I was provided the highest quality service ever. New computer, new instructions that did not make me feel like Dummies 101. Professional, efficient, on time and cognizant of my computer abilities, or lack there of. Use this company. You will not regret it.

Judy in Sun City near Greenway Ave. & 99th Ave.
Review Date: 4/2/2012

It has been my pleasure for the last five or six years to have Sterling help me with my computers. He set up our first computer and did a great job. Has been my favorite contact since my husband passed away and has always done a great job for a fair price. Thanks Sterling!

Grace in Sun City near Thunderbird Ave. & 99th Ave.
Review Date: 3/9/2012

[Computer Resolve] was so professional and was a pleasure to work with. [They] solved my problems, sticking with it when it appeared difficult at times. He's very persistant and resourceful. I'm so glad that my friend referred me to him!

Patricia in Sun City somewhere near Outlook Crashing and other problems
Review Date: 1/17/2012

Another professional job again. Nice to have a person repair your computer and be a personable gentleman. I will continue to call [Computer Resolve] anytime I have a problem. If you want the repair job done right, [Computer Resolve] can do it for you! A satisfied customer.

Wayne in Sun City near Del Web Blvd. & Bell Rd.
Review Date: 1/6/2012

Client Reviews in 2011

2012 2010 2009

This was the second time we have used [Computer Resolve] and again [they] came through. Solved my problem within 30 minutes after I spent a week trying unsuccessfully. Highly recommend Computer Resolve for fast service / setup at reasonable prices.

Rich in Sun City near 99th Ave. & Peoria Ave.
Review Date: 11/28/2011

Competent/trustworthy/efficient good guy who "fixed" my Apple Mac.

Irene in Sun City off of Bell and Burns
Review Date: 11/28/2011

I am so pleased with the professional service given by Sterling. His quick response to solve our computer problems has been essential to a smooth running office at AZ Center for Family and Wellness Care....Thank you Sterling. You are on my speed dial!

Dawn from the office at AZ Center for Family and Wellness Care
Review Date: 11/8/2011

Sterling did an excellent job for us. Recommend him highly.

Don (99th Ave & Greenway, Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 9/15/2011

Excellent Service. I am pleased and impressed by the knowledge and professionalism received. Sterling will be recommended to all my contacts. Keep up the great work!

Joan (Del Webb Blvd & Thunderbird, Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 8/16/2011

I can't tell you what a valuable resource Sterling is for me! He works so diligently to secure the best results for all problems this trip I had major damage from a "phishing" incident and it took great insight as to how to restore everything on the computer. I have a computer that runs like "new." Thanks Sterling.

Sylvia (Olive & 107th, Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 8/2/2011

Sterling is one of the best Computer technicians I have ever had. He went out of his way to explain how things work on my computer. He did so by using terms I could understand. I don't need to look around for a computer tech. I have the best and don't have to look any further for a computer specialist. He is the most kind and courteous tech that I have ever had. Sterling is Sterling! He is knowledgeable in all aspects of the computer. Look no more, just go to Skidmore.

Jill (Peoria & 103rd, Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 7/22/2011

I am really impressed with Sterlings work. He worked till he got everything done to his AND my satisfaction. Very nice young man that knows what he is doing. I recommend him highly.

Chloe (Grand & 107th, Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 6/28/2011

It was great working with Sterling! He was able to come over right away and took care of the problem I was having with in a couple of hours. Not looking forward to any more problems but working with him makes it enjoyable!

Laura (Thunderbird & 71st, Peoria, AZ)
Review Date: 5/30/2011

Mr. Skidmore was punctual, very informative and knowledgeable. He answered all questions and showed us things that we didn't know we could do. I would recommend his service to anyone.

Ken (Peoria & 103rd, Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 5/28/2011

It was nice to have someone come to my home to service the computer instead of taking it out, and leaving it for a few days. The service was great and within an hour everything was working great. Very nice and knowledgable. Thank you.

Barbara (51st Ave & Cactus, Glendale, AZ)
Review Date: 5/23/2011

Sterling is a life saver! When my husband and I called him, he met up with us within 30 minutes! He helped us out so much! We would highly recommend anyone to his services and his help!!

Samantha & Brit (Luke AFB, Glendale, AZ)
Review Date: 5/12/2011

Great hands on teacher and he made my computer user friendly."

Vicki (RH Johnson Blvd & Spanish Garden, Sun City West, AZ)
Review Date: 5/10/2011

I had some serious computer needs when I expanded my business. Computer Resolve asked questions to find out exactly what I needed and then gave me the best and most inexpensive options to choose from. This computer has exactly what i need...nothing more, nothing less.

LS2 Investments, LLC  (San Antonio, TX)
Review Date: 5/6/2011

Sterling was very knowledgeable and understood my problems and was able to work through each issue. He was very polite and dressed business casual. His explanation of what he did was put in such a way that I could understand it. His price was fair and did the job I asked for. I recommend him for anyone as being honest, P.C. smart and fair priced.

Wayne (Del Webb Blvd & Burns, Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 5/3/2011

Sterling is very patient with people who are not computer savvy. He explains everything he does and for what reason. I very much appreciated him. He is great. Thanks.

Judy (Del Webb Blvd & Thunderbird, Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 4/30/2011

Thank you for the best job ever.

Kathleen (Del Webb Blvd & Thunderbird, Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 4/28/2011

Sterling worked up a new computer for me. The computer worked fine, but the Open Document program was difficult. I found Sterling to be considerate and kind in changing the program to the one with which I was familiar. He is a knowledgeable person and his work is exemplary. He is also moderate in his billing, and is always fair in figuring time and charge. I would recommend him for both repairing and providing new computers. My only suggestion would be for him to check with the buyer regarding the programs they would prefer on their computers.

Jo (103rd Ave. & Boswell, Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 4/6/2011

Sterling was amazing, had my computer up and running in no time. Very happy with the service and would recommend him to all my friends, even enemies.

Rich (99th Ave. & Peoria, Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 4/1/2011

Very helpful and thorough. Answered all questions and was very knowledgeable. Prices are extremely reasonable. Have referred him to others and will use services again."

Larry (Thompson Rd. & Grand, Surprise, AZ)
Review Date: 3/30/2011

Within 30 minutes my laptop was virus free and my bank account not empty! Thanks for "restoring" my sanity!!!

Erica (Bell & the 303, Surprise, AZ)
Review Date: 3/17/2011

Computer Resolve has exceeded my expectations: both times I've used their services the service response has been speedy, the problems have been diagnosed promptly and the problems resolved quickly. I have no hesitation recommending their professionalism and services, and I will use them again.

Tim (Del Webb Blvd & Greenway, Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 3/9/2011

Sterling was thorough and competent. He quickly found the problem and resolved it. It is good to know there is someone who can help when help is needed.

Helen (91st & Thunderbird, Peoria, AZ)
Review Date: 3/9/2011

Loved him. He is so conscientious and has such a pleasant personality. I think he is very trustworthy.

Marrie (Pleasant Valley Rd. & Boswell, Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 3/8/2011

Very helpful seems extremely knowledgeable. Able to answer all questions. Very pleasant and personable. Will take the time to satisfy the client.

Phyllis (Del Webb Blvd & Thunderbird, Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 2/25/2011

Sterling, Thank you for your quick response to our new home entertainment center computer request. It is working great and the kids and us are loving the family time all together now rather than in different rooms! We will be in touch to order another one soon!

C.J. and Erica (303 & Bell, Surprise, AZ)
Review Date: 2/4/2011

Great 'computer guy'!! He was on time, polite, dressed neatly and reasonably priced. He also fixed my Wii and my printer!! I highly recommend.

Lois (303 & Grand, Surprise, AZ)
Review Date: 1/31/2011

Computer Resolve built our family a new computer. He focused on our needs. He went over different options and helped find what was best for us. We love it! It's incredibly fast and is much more than we expected. We are very happy with our decision to use Computer Resolve.

Joel (Reems & Waddell, Surprise, AZ)
Review Date: 1/27/2011

This has been a fabulous experience. Sterling really knows his stuff. Turn around time was a couple of days and everything was up and running like new."

Tom (Hayden & Via De Ventura, Scottsdale, AZ)
Review Date: 1/20/2011

Very good work. We like you.

Chuck (Del Webb Blvd & Thunderbird, Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 1/5/2011

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Client Reviews in 2010

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I found the computer technician to be very helpful and knowledgeable. Took time to explain and was very patient. He did not leave until he knew I knew what to do. Will definitely call him again.

James (Del Web Blvd & Grand Ave., Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 12/23/2010

Thanks for the great job on such notice.

Irv (Del Web Blvd & Grand Ave., Sun City, AZ)
Review Date: 12/23/2010

Personally, I can fix computer problems as well as I can drive blindfolded. My home PC was running very slow and my Internet connections were extremely slow(if it connected at all). Sterling was able to come to my home the day I called. He quickly cleaned up my PC, fixed the Internet prob, and gave me some basic computer 101 education without making me feel dumb. I now plan to return for a refund the new, still boxed, PC I purchased to replace the one that Sterling cleaned up. Clean, courteous, professional, and efficient. A good investment.

Anne (79th & Cactus, Peoria, AZ)
Review date: 12/6/2010

When you contact Sterling he is Johnny on the spot.(and smiling) Whenever/whatever he is wonderful. He also knows what to do and how to do it.

Delores (Tom Ryan & Deer Valley, Sun City West, AZ)
Review date: 10/30/2010

I am so happy to have found someone who knows so much about computers. I am pretty computer illiterate, so this is very important to me. The help has been excellent and the service very friendly and understanding of my problems.

Helen (91st & Thunderbird, Peoria, AZ)
Review date: 10/20/2010

If you need someone who cares about your computer and wants to fix it to serve you better, then Sterling is the guy for you. He is like your grandson only he doesn't eat you out of house and home.

Evelyn (99th & Peoria, Sun City, AZ)
Review date:10/19/2010

Personal and Capable.

Bob (Del Web Blvd. & Thunderbird, Peoria, AZ)
Review date:10/9/2010

Sterling recognized my problem quickly and and was able to resolve it immediately. It is great to know there is some one out there who has the ability to handle the client's needs.

Jim (Northern and 12th St., Phoenix, AZ)
Review date:9/24/2010

Prompt and excellent service. Very pleasant young man.

Mel (111th and Thunderbird, Sun City, AZ)
Review date:9/3/2010

Sterling Skidmore is knowledgeable, professional, reliable and EXCELLENT computer specialist. I can always count on him.

Maggie (99th & Peoria, Sun City, AZ)
Review date:8/16/2010

Sterling was very friendly, knowledgeable, & thorough.

Nancy (55th & Peoria, Glendale, AZ)
Review date:7/23/2010

Sterling got me up and running when I was blocked out of my email. He did it over the telephone and saved himself and me a house call. Thank you Sterling I will call on you again, if needed.

Bobbie (Stardust & Meeker, Sun City West, AZ)
Review date:7/11/2010

I felt much more confident working on the computer and showing Sterling what I needed than I have with other people who have tried to help me. Excellent teaching and people skills with reasonable rates.

Sylvia (107th & Olive, Sun City, AZ)
Review date:7/8/2010

Very professional and courteous, did an excellent job of cleaning up my computer and increasing the speed. Came back a week later to install my new RAM. Is able to come to the house within a day or two.

Larry (Bell Rd. & Burns, Sun City, AZ)
Review date:6/11/2010

Professional , Respectful and very efficient.

Tommy (75th & Peoria, Peoria, AZ)
Review date:5/17/2010

Sterling spent the time to explain things to me which is greatly appreciated. Will definitely call again if needed. Thanks Sterling.

Nancy (91st & Peoria, Peoria, AZ)
Review date:1/16/2010

We are very satisfied with Sterling's work. He is very patient and an excellent teacher.

Esther & Anthony (99th & Thunderbird, Sun City, AZ)
Review date:1/9/2010

Called for one computer and Sterling looked at and worked on three. He also installed a wireless router. All of this in about an hour. Very reasonable rates. Will call back if ever needed and will tell friends to use him for any computer problems.

Larry (Peoria and Pinehurst, Sun City, AZ)
Review date:1/9/2010

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Client Reviews in 2009

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Sterling came to our house with a smile and a quick fix for our computers. We felt that he was very professional and on time and knowledgeable with our issues.

Kari (115th & Thomas, Avondale, AZ)
Review date:12/30/2009

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